Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally Found!

When we moved into our house three and a half years ago, the nursery was already painted with a matching border and valence.  The matching nursery set was discontinued years ago, but I've been searching for it online since we moved in.  A few weeks ago, I finally found it!  The bumper, mobile, lamp, quilt, sheet and dust ruffle. Had to drive to PA to get it, but I was totally excited!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Road Signs

On Sunday our Pastor gave an excellent sermon about following God's plan for our lives, even when that path or its timing may not make sense to us.  He used Luke 1:5-25, which applies to our situation almost perfectly - I felt like the whole service was directed at us.  During part of the sermon, our Pastor said that the Lord may give us signs along the way that we are on the right path and to continue on.  I am certain that what happened for us last week were road signs...

I think I've mentioned in a previous post that I had a few weeks of uncertainty after we completed our paperwork.  We had received minor miscommunication from our agency and I felt like our file was just sitting at the bottom of a pile on someone's desk.  I questioned if this was even the right thing for us to be doing and started researching possible alternatives.  I also prayed that if our adoption is in the Lord's plan for us that He watch over our case.  I needed a sign that progress is being made on our case - even if we still need to continue to wait.  Obviously I was beyond excited to receive information about what could possibly be our child, but I think I knew in the back of  my mind that these situations were not ours.  I was able to stay calm and keep a clear mind, which wouldn't have been possible without some sort of help from above.  Ultimately, I truly believe that we received the sign I was waiting for - that progress is actually being made on our case and the child that's meant for us will eventually come home.

Friday, March 1, 2013


We got the news this morning that the first birth mom we were presented to did choose another family.  Even though I’m disappointed, I’m not devastated like I thought I would be.  This may be a different story had we been chosen as one of the families she wanted to meet, however we weren’t.  I’m clinging to my belief that the child who is meant to be ours is out there.  This situation just was not meant for us.
On the other side of this, we also received another available situation this morning!  The circumstances are similar to the first situation we received, however this child is due in a few short weeks!  I'm still excited, while trying not to get my hopes up, but talk about a game changer if this is our match.  We have nothing for a baby, literally nothing.  Actually, I take that back.  We have a few things, which I need to post about because I was SO excited to get these things – but we have nothing essential for a baby.  It’ll be a whirlwind trying to get prepared, but if this is our match I know we can do it!
We should know soon, and I’ll update when I can.