Monday, September 2, 2013


Wow!  The power of prayer continues to amaze me, and my mood has improved drastically with some progress we've made over the past two days!

From the big announcement we recently made here on the blog, you know that we've been officially matched since 8/11 and were scheduled to attend a doctors appointment with J on 8/30.  Since that time we had very little contact with the birth parent counselor in our case, and no contact from our agency.  I wasn't comfortable having no communication or acknowledgement of our match, but I didn't want to be too pushy since our due date is still relatively far off.  I trust our agency, and know that everyone there is busy working hard for every family.

Thankfully we started getting some answers on Wednesday afternoon via text from our birth parent counselor.  We learned that we would be meeting J at the doctors office (it had been a possibility that we would pick her up, which was absolutely no problem for us).  We were also told that she would like to go to lunch with us after the appointment (we offered previously, if she was interested).  So we had a plan, thank goodness!

But there were still some questions that remained unanswered.  When I raised these questions to our birth parent counselor, she wasn't certain on some of the answers.  After she made a quick call to the agency, I immediately began getting my answers.

I spoke to the director of domestic adoptions at our agency, and she was able to tell me that even though we do need to amend our home study to include foster-to-adopt (due to a situation specific issue we have) we won't need to complete any more training (we've already met the requirements for fostering an infant).  We simply need to have one more home study visit, and submit a few additional items.  Those items include proof of income for a two month period and copies of all of our utility bills.  Simple compared to what we've already completed and submitted!

Alright!  So now we've got the information we need, and we are still planning to take our 5 year anniversary trip/honeymoon to Cancun!  We had considered rescheduling the trip so we could complete the training we thought we needed.  What a relief!

As for the appointment we had on Friday,  I thought everything went pretty excellent!  We arrived at the office just as J was checking in for her appointment.  Our birth parent counselor arrived just after we did, and the nurse called us back relatively quickly.  Unfortunately Nate was asked to wait in the waiting room, but I was able to go into the room with J.  The nurse started by asking routine questions and taking J's vitals.  When she asked J to undress and wait for the doctor, I left the room to give J her privacy.

While I was waiting I learned that the doctor is actually an adoptive mom too!  She has an 8 month old daughter, and she understands adoption.  Bonus!

After the doctor was done, and J was clothed again Nate was able to come back and we did get to hear the baby's heartbeat, which was 150 bmp.  We were hoping to have an ultrasound today, and possibly find out the gender, but we have to wait for next week for that.  We set up J's next appointments, and then were moved to a new room where J had several vials of blood drawn.  Prayers for those tests to come back good would be much appreciated!

After the blood draw, we were free to go, and I think we were all relieved!  We headed to Roosters for lunch, and were able to talk to J for quite a while.  She was curious about what the holidays are like with our families, so we discussed that a little bit and just talked about how things were going for her in general.  I was thrilled when she brought up baby names first, because we wanted to talk about them but (again) didn't want to seem pushy.  We talked about using the name she likes for a girl as a middle name, and she likes the name we chose for a first name.  When she told us the name she's been thinking of for a boy, I couldn't believe that it was the same name that we've been talking about for years!  It gave me chills!!  I guess we won't have much work to do, if this little one turns out to be a boy.

After we ate, J had us drop her off at her grandparent's house and we parted ways.

I just want to mention, before wrapping this up, how grateful I am for all of the prayers and support we have received in our adoption process.  Some of those prayers have been answered, and I am in awe of how amazing it is.  We appreciate your continued support and prayers, and will continue to provide updates here!

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  1. That is great you get to go on your anniversary trip! Cool coincidence that the doctor is an adoptive parent. Just crazy that you had the same boy name picked out!!