Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Call and The Meeting

I wanted to make sure and post what was going on "in the moment" during our match process, so I made sure to write while it was happening.  I wasn't ready to post them until now, but I've dated each post to help provide some order to these exciting events!

Written 8/9/13

Wow!  I just had the craziest half hour of my life to date.  If you keep up with us on the timeline at all, you'll have noticed that we received two potential match opportunities recently - one on 7/26 and one on 7/30.  We heard back from the birth parent counselors on both cases today.  Birth mom "E" did choose another family, but she really liked our profile.  Bummer, we thought.

Birth mom "J" however... wants to meet us and only us!!

I was in the basement all night tonight, working on laundry and yet another draft of our profile book.  I'd already had Nate look it over and was hoping to order a draft copy tonight.  About a half an hour ago, Nate came downstairs, on the phone, while I was folding a load of laundry.  His eyes were huge and he looked excited and scared... He mouthed the birth parent counselor's name to me, and I stopped what I was doing while trying to hear what was going on on the other end of the phone.  She asked us when we would be available to meet "J" and we told her any time!  We'll take the day off work if we need to, just tell us when and where!  She said she would check with "J" and get back to us tomorrow.  Nate and I are pretty sure we're not getting any sleep tonight at this point.

Luckily, the birth parent counselor called us right back and said "J" wants to meet on Sunday morning!!  She gave us a little bit more background, told us what to expect and where to meet.

I don't even know how to describe how I am feeling right now.  We've been praying for this to happen since we decide to adopt in October, and now it's here!  I'm excited and nervous to say the least - my stomach is in knots and I feel like I could cry or jump for joy...  Nate had goosebumps when he got off the phone and he was jogging in place during the call - adrenaline I think!

Of course, there is one possible down side to this entire thing (and I'm paranoid even saying that)... Last night Nate and I booked our first ever big vacation/honeymoon (finally)/5 year anniversary trip.  We are scheduled to spend 7 nights in Cancun at an adults only, all-inclusive resort this Fall.  "J" is due in January and would like us to attend upcoming doctors appointments with her.  She's about an hour and a half away from us, so we'd need time off work to go with her.  We're not sure if we should risk taking our trip, and not having the vacation time should she deliver early... so we have a decision to make.  Thank goodness for vacation insurance and honestly this is the LEAST of our worries!

Here's to hoping and praying!

Written 8/11/13

Our entire adoption journey to date now boils down to an hour and a half spent at Bob Evans this morning. We made the almost 2 hour drive to meet with J and her birth parent counselor to see if we will become parents sooner rather than later.

We set our alarm and work up early so that we would have plenty of time to get ready and hit the road in case of traffic. We made it to our destination and found the address with about 15 minutes to spare. I didn’t want to sit in the parking lot like a creeper, and was hoping that J would arrive before us, so we went to Kohl’s and walked around for a bit. Of course, I browsed the baby section while thinking, “Is this real? Is it OK for me to do this?” I don’t want to jinx anything!

We still arrived at the restaurant first, which I was hoping not to do, and sat down at a table in a far corner. We ordered waters for all of us and waited. After about 10 minutes I texted the birth parent counselor to let her know that we were at the restaurant and where we were sitting. 5 minutes later my phone rang and my heart dropped. I told Nate, “They aren’t coming.”

Luckily, they were just at the wrong Bob Evans! I don’t know why there are so many locations in this city, but talk about giving me a heart attack!

Once we got that sorted out, J and the birth parent counselor headed over and our meeting began. My nerves must have gotten the best of me, because I really don’t remember anything specific about our meeting. We introduced ourselves with the birth parent counselor's help, we ordered our food and we just started talking. The birth parent counselor really guided the conversation, but we made it to each topic pretty naturally. I answered some questions and Nate answered some, we made sure to focus on J while speaking, we asked her some questions and she had a few for us. We also gave her a few new photos of the completed nursery and from our family photo sessions this spring. Overall we thought everything went pretty well considering how nervous we all were.

After about an hour and a half we wrapped things up. J and I hugged and we all got had a photo taken together. We also exchanged phone numbers and planned to keep in touch. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I figured this was a good sign. Before the meeting we were told that it would be surprising if this wasn’t our match, since J only wanted to meet us. But still…

We got in the car and went our separate ways, unsure of what to expect next. Nate and I asked each other, “how do you think it went?” and “what’s next?” and we just drove.

About 15 minutes later the phone rang. It was the birth parent counselor telling us what we’ve been waiting to hear for what seems like forever…

“Congratulations! You’re officially matched!”

We are so, so, so thrilled!

A few minutes after getting of the phone with the birth parent counselor my phone went off again. A text from J containing the first photo of our baby – her 13 week ultrasound. It brought tears to my eyes.

Feeling so blessed.


  1. What a wonderful story! I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! I can't wait to get that call!

  2. That was really neat to read that! How smart to write down your thoughts right away even if you can't post them right away (making mental note). :)