Friday, October 18, 2013

It's a First - Five on Friday Link-Up!

Since I joined the blogging world, I've loved the idea of a Five on Friday linkup.  I haven't felt inspired to post one before now, but that's not to say I didn't have high fives for my previous Fridays!  I'm not committing to posting one of these every Friday just yet.  We'll just see what happens!

I recently discovered the super cute Good Life Blog and thought I would link up with Darci's Five on Friday.

1) THIS work week is finally over.  Normally I wouldn’t include this, but since this is my first Five for Friday I thought it would be okay.  Plus, this has been the absolute craziest work-related week I have had in the past year and a half.  The company I work for has several locations within the same city.  For some reason they like to move departments from place to place.  On Thursday of last week everyone in our building was told that we had to be out by Tuesday, and Monday was a holiday for us.  On top of the short notice, they also don’t have permanent homes for any of the people they “kicked out.”  Needless to say, I am about at my wits end between packing, cleaning, moving my desk and still trying to do my actual job.  SO – I’m thrilled to say so long to this work week!

2) We’re having company. My sister is on her way down from Michigan for a visit at this very moment!  

3) MMMBop!  Tomorrow night at 7:00 my sister and I will be in the crowd at the Cleveland House of Blues belting our hearts out to one of my favorite bands of all time – Hanson!  Yes, they are still around.  Yes, they are still making albums.  Yes, they are even better looking now.  And yes, they still tourIt’s been almost 10 years since I’ve seen them live, but they still have my heart.  I can’t wait!

4) Raising Funds. Nate’s sister is graciously hosting a Premier Designs and Thirty-One Gifts benefit party as a fundraiser for the adoption on Sunday!  Plus, Nate’s cousin is the Premier consultant who will be throwing the bash.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their efforts to support our adoption, as well as everyone who has already participated or is planning to participate in one of our fundraisers.  I cannot thank you all enough!

5) Sugar Rush.  We attended J’s 26 week checkup with her on Tuesday afternoon.  As always we were excited to see and get to know her more.  Unfortunately she had to do her glucose challenge test, which she was not looking forward to.  We haven’t heard anything back from the doctor, so that means she passed!  No three hour test for her.

High Five!  Feel free to link up, too.

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