Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weeks Three & Four

Wow! How is it’s the end of week four already? In three short days baby K will be a month old already!

I know I missed my weekly post for week three, so I’m combining it with my week four post. There really isn’t a ton to update on, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something to share!

Since my week two post, K has met a few more family members. My sister came back down for a visit during the first weekend of February, and she brought her husband and our mom. Here are some photos of K meeting her Grandma and “Uncie”:

We were finally able to give K the much anticipated first bath this week, too! The rest of her umbilical cord fell off Tuesday night, and she was in the tub on Wednesday. She seemed to enjoy it, and even fell asleep right before we took her out.

On Thursday we had our second home visit, which was basically the same as our last one. We just sat and talked with our social worker and updated her on K’s new formula, sleep and potty habits, likes and dislikes. Not much has changed since our visit a few weeks ago, so it was a pretty quick visit! It’s really hard to believe that we only have four more visits until we can finalize!

On Friday afternoon we got a visit from our sister-in-law and niece, and decided to get dressed up for the occasion:

K also met another Uncle on Friday evening – Nate’s older sister’s husband. They brought dinner for us and played with the baby while we ate! Their girls (age 1 and 3) are so cute with K, and couldn’t get enough “holding” (with adult help) and cuddling!

Yesterday and today have been “lounge” days for the most part. It’s the first weekend we have had to ourselves since K’s arrival. While we’ve really enjoyed having people over to meet K and spend time together, it’s also been fantastic to just be home alone. Yesterday morning Nate was able to help me get caught up on the laundry, dishes and cleaning (its way easier with him here, than trying to do it while he’s at work!) and then we just watched Netflix (I’ve become a big fan of the show Pretty Little Liars. Nate has not.) and relaxed all day. It was SO nice for some down time, and I even busted out my Solly Baby Wrap so I could work on the blog while cuddling K!

Overall weeks three and four have been pretty mellow. Even though Nate is back to work, it’s been really nice being home with K and figuring out her little personality. She’s still a pretty easy baby and really only cries when she is hungry, when she needs to be changed and when she starts getting tired. She’s staying awake longer in between feedings and she loves to be held tummy to chest. I like to think it’s because she can hear our hearts that way. Who knows! Usually she falls right to sleep that way, but doesn’t always stay asleep when she moves from that position. She also likes to stay awake from 1:00 to 4:00 in the morning, and we’re trying to figure out how to get her to sleep at night and be awake during the day! She is almost too big for her newborn clothes now, so I washed all of her 0-3 month clothes and reorganized her drawers to make room for everything. We tried moving up to size one diapers this week, but they are a tad too big still.

I think that about sums it up for weeks three and four!