Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Months!

They said it would happen... and it is!  Time is going way too fast now that Miss K is home.  She's two months old already.  Can you believe it?  I can't!
We don't go back to the doctor until Friday, so I don't have her updated "stats" just yet.  But, I can update on the rest of what she's up to.

Loves: Laying on her blanket on the floor to watch the ceiling fan or look out the window.  She kicks and talks away like this!

If the TV is on while we're feeding her (or trying to, that's another story.  *sigh*), she is absolutely enthralled with it when we sit her up to burp.  I don't think she can actually see what's on the screen, so I'm sure it's just the colors and lights.  I still try not to spend too much time with the TV on.

We had two pretty mild days earlier this week (now we're in a winter weather advisory, of course) and we were able to get out for a walk!  On the first walk I carried miss K, and it killed my back (even though she looked super cute in her little snow suit).

We opted to not get a travel system stroller/car seat combo when we registered for our gifts, so I'm thrilled that I found a Universal Infant Seat Carrier (stroller) for a good deal on Craigslist!  (Don't worry, my sister in law was nice enough to meet me there to make sure I wasn't abducted.)  I'm really happy with what we ended up with - it's very light weight, I can unfold and fold it with one hand, and it's pretty compact to put in the back of my car.  You just unfold it, put your infant carrier/car seat on the platform, buckle it in and you're good to go.  Our second walk was much more enjoyable with the stroller, and miss K slept through the whole thing.  Since she wasn't crying, I'll put this in the "loves" category for this month.  Hopefully we'll have lots more walks SOON! 

Doesn't Love: Having her face/hair wiped or washed, getting dressed and people who aren't me.  We went through a rough patch last week, where she really didn't even want Nate.  I think we're through it, but visitors beware... she may not be very polite!  I'm sure it's just a phase, and I really can't complain that little girl loves her mommy!

She's also not a fan of our monthly photo sessions.  I may have to find a different spot for her to sit...

Other than that - she's still wearing size 1 diapers, and is starting to outgrow the 0-3 month clothes already!  I've got the 3 month clothes in a tub ready to be washed and put away the next time I do laundry.  She's outgrown the "Urkel" phase, since her pants no longer go up to her armpits - in fact some of them are officially too tight.  She's still a pretty happy girl, and has started talking to us more often.  It's so cute!

The only real issue we're having is trying to nail down a formula that she does well on.  I mean, she's gaining weight and growing just fine (unless the Dr. tells us otherwise on Friday) but she cries (throws a fit, screams at times) a lot while we're trying to feed her.  We've tried changing bottles, using gas drops or gripe water, and experimenting with formula (although I don't want to keep changing it on her).  It makes me feel so bad for her when I know she's hungry but doesn't want her bottle.  We're having that conversation at our appointment on Friday, so stay tuned!


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