Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Months, Road Trip, Easter and A Teaser!

Guess who's officially three months old (as of 4/12, anyway - see my previous post...)?  This cutie!  Can you believe it?  I can't! We even made it through our monthly photo shoot with no tears this month.  Hooray!

We don't have another appointment with the pediatrician until her four month check-up, so I don't have any official stats for you.  I weighed her on our bathroom scale though, and she's weighing in at about 12.5 pounds.  She's still wearing some of her 0-3 month clothes, but mostly wears three month size and she's in size two diapers now.  Exciting things, I know...
 She Loves: Talking to us, especially while laying on the floor.  She's getting more and more vocal every day!  Holding her toys (if we put them in her hand, anyway), chewing on her hands and stuffed toys, holding her bib (that one she grabs by herself, and almost always has it in her hand) and tummy time!  She's getting so strong and really holds her upper body up very well.  The other day after her bath, she shocked us and rolled right over from her tummy to her back.  She doesn't do it all the time, but it is her newest trick.  She's pretty proud of herself!  She's also started holding her legs up in the air, when laying on her back.  Then she will let them drop so they "thud" to the ground.  She just thinks it's too cool!

She Doesn't Love: Anything going over her head - especially shirts without lap shoulders. This is a slight problem since she's become quite the drooler and tends to spit up a lot.  I don't like leaving a shirt with wetness around her neck on for too long, so she gets lots of wardrobe changes.  She's not really a fan.  She still doesn't like having her face wiped or washed, and really doesn't care for having her hair washed.

I don't think she really likes riding in the car, either.  She tends to spit up quite a lot while on car rides.  Although we had our first big (6 hour with no stops) trip to Michigan last weekend, and she was a little champ!  I anticipated this trip for a long, long time, and it went much better than expected.

We left in the afternoon, hoping it would be closer to K's bedtime and that she would sleep.  We also packed a thermos of warm water to make bottles on the road.  On the way up we stopped at a service plaza before getting off the turnpike, to try and feed miss K.  She was pretty nosy about all the noise and lights, so she didn't eat well.  We just went with it, changed her diaper, ate dinner and got back in the car.  She fell asleep about an hour after our stop and slept for the rest of the trip!

My sister and her husband were awesome enough to 1) listen to Miss K's midnight crying fit as she adjusted to bedtime (or WAY past bedtime) in a new place and 2) host a cook-out for about 20 friends and family to come over and meet the baby.  It was so great to see everyone, and K did pretty wonderfully.  She did decide it was time for a nap a few hours before everyone cleared out, and I think she would have slept for the rest of the night had we not woken her up to eat.  It was a busy day, but well worth it!

Our trip home was pretty similar, except that we left after her 6:30 am bottle.  We stopped at lunch time so we could eat and feed K.  Nate got his plate from the buffet while I fed the baby in her car seat with the canopy up.  I was trying to keep her from looking around too much until she was finished, and it worked pretty well!  When my food came, I burped the baby and handed her off to Nate to finish feeding her.  After we were all done eating, I took K to the bathroom for a diaper change.  I was really dreading our first diaper change in a public restroom, but it wasn't too terrible.  I took the portable changing pad from her diaper bag and put it over the changing table and got right to work.  Miss K was all smiles.  Then we all got back in the car, and K slept the rest of the way home. 

Since my last post, we have been busy, busy!  We had a bunch of things around the house that suddenly all needed fixing, including some plumbing for the septic, our water heater, washing machine and the water softener flooding the basement.  I'm thrilled to say (knock on wood) that these repairs are behind us now!  Just in time for Spring and yard work... gotta love being a home owner!

Toward the end of March, Nate and I also decided that I would be leaving my job.  This had been on our minds since before we decided to adopt, but we just didn't know how it would work out.  I'm happy to say that with some personal cut-backs, we're making it work.  That's not to say that I might not try to find something a few nights a week, but I feel so blessed to be able to be home with Miss K right now.  She's all I want to focus on at the moment (if it's not obvious from the blog lately...).

We did get some answers from the doctor in regards to K's formula issues.  After a few simple tests, we learned that she has an allergy to the protein in cow's milk as well as soy.  She's now on hypoallergenic formula, and seems to be doing much better.  While this formula costs a pretty penny and smells something awful (think Cheez-It crackers mixed with something wet and something burnt) , K doesn't scream through her bottle anymore!  It's such a relief to know that she's not hurting anymore, and she should outgrow the allergy by the time she turns one.

Nate's sister told us about a local photographer who was doing Easter Bunny photos in her studio, so K got her first Easter photo at the end of March. I think they turned out pretty darn cute!
 She didn't get to wear her first Easter dress this year, since we were in the car all day.  Instead she got some special Easter traveling jammies.
Nate had some vacation to use up, so he decided to take the first week of April off work.  We didn't do anything, except spend time together at home.  It was so nice!  I could see K just falling more in love with her daddy, and it was priceless!
We were able to have our first date night since miss K has been home, too.  It happened to be my birthday and our sister in law was nice enough to come over for a few hours (even with sick kids of her own at home).  We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, had a few martinis and watched Divergent at the theatre.  I did worry that the baby would cry the entire time we were gone, but overall we were able to enjoy the night.  Turns out, she did just fine!

Last week we had our fourth post-placement visit.  So far they have all been pretty consistent.  The social worker comes over for a little while and we all sit on the couch and chat.  This time it was right around Miss K's bed time, so she slept through the whole thing.  I'm really looking forward to our next visit, when we start our pre-finalization paperwork and hopefully get our court date!

And today we had our MUCH anticipated first visit with J since K came home!! I'm going to start working on a new post about our day, so stay tuned for that update!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Fear not, my faithful readers... I haven't forgotten about the blog. Yes, things have been busy and we're still trying to get the hang of being a family of three (three months in... That's normal, right?).  However, there's lots to update about! Unfortunately, my laptop recently crashed. I'm updating from my iPhone at the moment, and it's just not conducive to writing a quality post.  Please stick with me as I work on figuring out what is up with the laptop... I shall return!