Sunday, May 18, 2014

4 Months... What?!

Oh those facial expressions... This little four month old (as of last Monday, anyway) is getting quite the personality.  Can we say attitude?

I feel like I JUST posted her three month update, and now another month has come and gone.  What the heck?!  Well... part of that could be because her three month update was a tad late.  But, what can you do?

We were at the doctor yesterday for her four month checkup and shots.  She is:

Weight: 14 pounds 10 ounces (58%) {up from 11 lb 7.4 oz (51%) two months ago}
Height: 24.21 inches long (36%) {up from 22.17 inches (34%) two months ago}
Head Circumference: 15.94 inches (45%) {up from 15.04 inches (45%) two months ago}

The doctor said she's doing great!

Her likes and dislikes are staying pretty much the same lately, but she is learning some new things.  She's finally tall enough for the exersaucer, which is a blessing because she's really starting to get tired of the bouncer.  I can put her in the exersaucer (for now) while I'm trying to do laundry or clean, and she keeps herself entertained!
She's also been grabbing and holding toys for quite a while.  Now everything goes right to her mouth.  If what she's holding doesn't fit in her mouth, she is very vocal about how unimpressed she is.
And the most exciting thing (for me, anyway) is that I think her curls are officially here to stay!  She is losing quite a lot of hair in the back and on the sides right now, which makes me sad but the hair she does have will no longer stay straight.  It's so cute!  Not to mention her awesome tummy time skills.  She's rolling over from tummy to back consistently, and trying like heck to go from back to tummy.
Since my last update, we haven't really been up to much.  We had a visit from our friends who also have two little ones, and it was so fun to see K playing with another baby.  Our friends' youngest son is only six months older than K, so they hit it off right away.  We've had other babies over since K was born, but she's just now getting to the age where she actually interacts. So fun!

She got to go to the car dealership with me one rainy afternoon when my sun roof decided it didn't want to close, and we had our fifth home visit.

Our visits are normally right around K's bed time, so she slept through most of it.  She missed all the excitement of pre-finalization paperwork.  It's so exciting to be starting the finalization process, and it's hard to believe that we're this close!  Really, all we did differently at this home visit than at others was have our social worker revisit some questions we answered in the beginning of the process.  Just to make sure everything is still up to date.  Nothing major on our end.  I dropped off our final payment at the agency a couple of days later, and mailed our check to the attorney.  Hopefully we have everything taken care of, and we'll hit no delays in finalizing K's adoption in court!


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