Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 (almost 6 by now) Months Now!

Well... I figured it might be time to post about Miss K's five month update.  You know.  Since she'll be six months old in, oh... nine days!  Where is time going?

Once again, I have no official stats from the doctor since we won't return until K's six month check up.  She seems to still be growing like a weed (I would know, since I'm also too busy lazy to do any yard work.  Weeds... I'm familiar), so we're happy as can be.

Since my last update, our days have been full!  We've been doing lots of things, like:

Learning about nutrition.  Or... perhaps, quite the opposite.  This is the Melt Challenge from Melt Bar and Grilled, as seen on Man v Food.  Basically it's a disgustingly delicious grilled cheese made with three pieces of (thick) bread and 13 different types of cheese.  Add in the fries and coleslaw and it's five pounds of food.  Or so they say (I'm convinced it has to be more).  This is what Nate wanted to attempt for his birthday lunch, and I'm sad to report that he failed.  Miserably (as in four pounds of food left over, in five to go containers).  Oh well.  I'm sure his heart and digestive system celebrated at his defeat.  Keep in mind... there are times when we split a "normal" sized (still huge) sandwich and fries at Melt and still leave with overstuffed bellies.

Discovering the great outdoors!  Not that long ago, people were still complaining about Ohio's eternal winter.  So we're taking every opportunity we can to get this child outside, in the sunshine.  Here is her first experience with grass... She's enthralled, obviously.

Playing salon!  I cannot believe how adorable this photo is.  I know... I'm partial.  But seriously.  The cuteness!

Being a diva!  While at the same time, trying to figure out how to eat the sunglasses.  Or eat pretty much anything that's within a three foot radius of her head.  This was taken while Nate was battling the Melt challenge.  I think K would have taken her shot at it, had we given her the opportunity!  I think we're starting to see symptoms of teething.  I'm so scared.

Helping mommy mail out some super fun invitations!  We received our court date for finalization, and we're having a couple of parties to celebrate.  These are the invites to our Ohio party.  Michigan friends and family - don't worry, we haven't sent any for our "Up North" party yet!  More on that in another post...

Becoming a water baby!  This was at our family father's day cookout.  She got in the pool for the first time with all her cousins.  Since then we've joined the new YMCA in our area, and try to take miss K swimming a couple of times a week.  The first time we went, I splashed my hand in the water in front of her and said, "Can you splash?"  She copied me right away, and thought it was just hilarious.  She seems to enjoy swimming, but the water is a little chilly.  She lets us know when it's time to get out and warm up!

Learning to sit and stand on her own.  She's definitely becoming Miss Independent, the more mobile she becomes.  I'm perfectly OK with that!  Lead on, little lady!


Going to our first parade and carnival!  Oh I've been looking forward to these days.  I think the parade was a little overwhelming for Miss K, since we arrived just in time to see about 20 siren blaring vehicles drive by.  It was one of the loudest parades I've ever been to.  Of course.  She did great though!  You could tell she was tense with all the noise, but she didn't cry.  We did our best to vacate the area quickly, as not to overwhelm the poor girl.  She's definitely a people watcher, so the carnival was more her pace.

And visiting our friends at the zoo!  The penguins have been the most active and social during both of our visits so far, so Nate and I have decided that they are K's favorite (even though they stink, I'm sad to say.  They reek).  It probably helps that they are the first exhibit inside the zoo, so she's still paying attention at that point.  I'm sure she'll have many many favorites, as she gets older!

Other than that, our days are filled with lots of singing (she loves twinkle, twinkle little star) and funny faces, making messes, trying to catch the cats, cuddling and peek-a-boo.  K is growing quite the feisty personality, but we've learned what to do to get her to giggle.  She's rolling over consistently now, from tummy to back and from back to tummy.  Often times I'll put her down with some toys, and when I return she's a few feet from where I left her.  And so, the mobility begins!