Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adoption Love Link-Up: Intro

One of the most helpful resources I found before and during our adoption process have been adoption blogs.  Reading other people's stories is one of the best ways to really learn what's going on in the adoption world.  It gave me hope for a positive outcome when we were waiting to be matched, as well as so much inside information! 

One of my favorite adoption blogs has been Adoption Love.  Kristen is always so positive, and her daughter is too dang cute!

Luckily, Kristen has come up with the best idea... A monthly adoption blog link-up!  And I'm joining in!

This month's topic is: Intros! 

From Kristen: "Since this is a brand spankin' new link-up, let's start with intros. How did you become part of the adoption world and where is your family at in their journey?"

We decided that we were ready to start a family in the Summer of 2011. After a little more than a year of trying to conceive with no success, we visited our doctor and found out that we would be unable to have a child without the most aggressive form of fertility treatment (IVF w/ICSI). We had already discussed this and made the decision not to pursue treatment.

After lots of prayer and research, we were introduced to the adoption community and we haven’t looked back since - we quickly completed all of the preliminary paperwork and training to adopt a newborn from the US (home study approved in January, 2013), created a profile book and drafted heartfelt letters to potential birth families, started this blog to document our journey and submitted an online profile for our agency to post to their website.  Feel free to check out our timeline to see all the steps we took.

In August, 2013 we finally received the phone call we were waiting for... An expectant mother, "J" had viewed our profile and wanted to meet us! A few days after that call we met with J and her birth parent counselor and were officially matched less than two hours later!

During our match period, we became very close with J.  We attended all doctor and ultrasound appointments and shared many lunches and dinners afterward.  We texted regularly and tried to prepare for how life would be in the adoption triad.

Finally - on January 12, 2014 our precious daughter, "K" was born!  You can read more about her birth story here.

The past seven months have been absolutely surreal.  It's definitely been an adjustment into parenthood, but I absolutely wouldn't change a thing!  We still maintain an open relationship with K's birth family, and we've had two visits since K's birth.  I'm still working on the post about our most recent visit, but you can read about our first visit here.

I'm really excited that Kristen has started this link-up, and can't wait to see what's in store in the coming months!



  1. Thank you so much for joining Katie! "K" is the sweetest and I've always admired your openness with "J".

  2. Hi there - We're participating in Kristen's link-up, too, and looking forward to reading more about your story. We're a year into waiting for our little one - some days are easier than others. It helps to read about folks who've been there, so thanks for sharing! What a cutie you have!

  3. What a great story! And her birthday is right around the corner. :-)