Tuesday, August 12, 2014


As of a few weeks ago, Miss K's adoption is finalized!

We had a big "O-'fish'-al" themed party at our house the Sunday before our court date.  I found matching invitations, cupcake toppers and a banner on Etsy.  Petite Party Studio even customized the wording for us, and everything was so adorable!

Also from Etsy, I found a super cute "It's My Gotcha Day" shirt for K to wear.  Trimbles Threads was awesome to work with!  I found the shirt at the last minute, of course, but they were able to customize the shirt for me (I had the date added to the back) and rush shipping so I would have it on time.  K already had the matching pants and headband, and I just thought she looked too cute!

Our friends and family from Ohio all came out to celebrate, and my sister, brother-in-law, dad, step-mom and their granddaughter even made the six hour trip from Michigan to be with us.  We had plenty of yummy food, a bounce house and corn hole.  It truly was such a fun and memorable day!

The next day our family gathered at the court house about an hour before our hearing was to start.  I had scheduled a photo session with Julie from Country Summers Photography through Red Thread Sessions.  Julie captured some super special photos of our family as well as some candid shots that I will treasure forever.  If you haven't heard of Red Thread Sessions - be sure to check them out!  What a great organization, supporting adopting families.

The actual court proceedings were very quick and easy.  The judge called us forward, our attorney spoke on our behalf and then we agreed to raise and love K forever (obviously!).  Then the judge brought down an adoption certificate, which we all got to seal while K hammed it up for the entire courtroom.  There were three other families finalizing at that time, and she had everybody laughing with her big smiles and baby talk.

After we sealed our adoption certificate, the whole family got to come up - all 21 of us!  We had our photo taken together, and that was it.  We all gave hugs and congratulations and went our separate ways.  Considering that K had been up since 4:30 that morning, and wouldn't eat a thing - she must have been too excited - I wasn't surprised when she fell asleep before we even left the parking garage!  We headed home and spent the rest of the day relaxing together.

There are still a few more steps we need to take to complete all the paperwork.  We've already received our final adoption decree, but we're waiting on K's new birth certificate.  Once that arrives we can get her new social security card.  I've heard that this can be quite the adventure, so I'm sure I'll share more on that when the time comes...

Nate and I really have had quite the journey as we worked to start a family, but we are so lucky and beyond blessed in how things turned out.  I can honestly say that K is the daughter we were meant to have, and I absolutely can not imagine our life without her.


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  1. I think if I were a judge these would be my favorite cases to have! What a nice change from the usual docket this must have been for everyone in the courtroom. :)