Thursday, August 28, 2014

Second Visit

I'm excited to say that a few weekends ago we had our second visit with K's birth mom, and it went great!  K even got to see/meet a few others from her birth family.  It was such a great weekend!

We decided to try a two day visit this time.  Our last visit was really just a lunch, and we wanted J to have to chance to 1) spend some quality time with K and 2) get to see her little personality come out!

Using Hotwire we got a great deal on a hotel for Saturday night.  It ended up being an extended stay hotel with an outdoor pool, which was perfect!

Saturday morning, right around the time of K's first nap we loaded up the car and hit the road.  Since J was bringing her son (who still needs a car seat) and her grandpa, we decided to rent a car once we got to Columbus.  There wasn't enough room in our car for everyone, and the rate we got on the rental car was about the same as we would have spent on gas to take two cars the whole way.

So, we picked up the rental car around 11:00 and headed over to J's house to pick everybody up.

There was an event going on that weekend called Festival Latino, so we decided to check it out.  It was huge!  So many events and vendors.  I've never seen something like it before.  I was impressed.  The only downside was that the parking lot we chose was $20 a car.  If we go back in the future, we'll definitely find somewhere else to park!

We didn't stay at the festival for very long, though.  It was so hot on Saturday, and there weren't many shady areas to stay in.  We were all very sweaty and ready for lunch!

It was a little difficult to navigate down town Columbus with two cars.  I probably should have turned on the GPS on my iPhone and given Nate our actual GPS, but I didn't think of that until after the fact.  We saw a Johnny Rockets restaurant and quickly decided that was what sounded good.

It was K's lunch time, too and she doesn't ever eat well if there are any distractions around.  So I made her bottle and fed her in the car while everyone else headed inside for lunch.

Once K had finished eating, we both headed inside too.  Lunch was a delicious, but a little rough since it was so crowded in the restaurant.  We successfully dropped an entire sandwich on the floor and spilled a full glass of ice water.  Oh well!  We tried to clean up after ourselves as best we could....

After we ate, everyone decided that it felt like nap time.  We dropped J back off at home and agreed to meet up for dinner.  Then we headed over to check in to our hotel.

I was nervous about our first hotel stay with K, especially since we were in the process of sleep training (check  out my post about it on Northeast Ohio Parent, here).  But, everything went perfectly!  We set up the pack and play in the kitchen area of our room - it was slightly separated from the rest of the room, so miss nosey wouldn't  be too distracted with all of us sharing a room.  Right after we checked in, she ate another bottle and took a nice long nap.  We just turned on her white sound machine, and she slept just as well at night and during her naps as she has been at home.  Such a relief!

Getting comfy at her first hotel stay
It felt so much more comfortable to be checked in to the hotel, and not driving around Columbus in a car packed with stuff.  Our room was pretty tiny, but we thought it would be nice if J could just come over for pizza and hang out with us.  This way she could play with K, and not have to be sitting at a restaurant.  Plus, we had our swim suits so we could cool off in the pool from our hot day at the festival.  I texted J to see what she thought of that plan, and she seemed really excited.

Nate went and picked up J, her son and her grandpa while K was napping.  Then we ordered pizza and headed to the pool.  J's younger sister doesn't live far from where our hotel was, so she came over too and we all went swimming.  It was such a fun night!

Pool Baby!
The next day, J's dad wanted to meet all of us for breakfast.  It was so cute to see him with K, and really was a nice morning spending time together.

After breakfast we went to drop J off at her house, but we still had time before the rental car had to be returned.  We ended up spreading out a blanket and chairs in her yard and letting the kids play.  K's birth dad was there and got to spend some quality time with her.  And later J's older daughter came over to visit, too!

I am beyond thrilled that K got to spend so much time with her birth family, and I think it's safe to say that two day visits are the way to go.  It was hard to leave when K started getting sleepy, but we've found that nap time is the best time to start any long road trip.

So, we said our goodbyes and promised another visit before Winter hits!


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  1. What a great visit! Open adoptions are such a blessing!