Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Web Browsing Wednesday

Here are my favorites from across the Web this week!

1) What about Transracial Adoption?

Like it or not, there are aspects involved in transracial adoption that are not involved in adopting a child of your own race.  While this article doesn't go very "deep," it is important to realize the differences and make a choice based on what is right for your own family.

"Love is blind, indeed, but racism is real, and parents must be equipped to prepare their children for what to expect as an adult."

 2)  We Are A Real Family, Thank You Very Much

"My kids are real people. With thoughts and feelings. Newsflash: They can hear you when you pepper us, the parents, with questions about our family’s authenticity. Our love is real. Our family is real. It’s all real."

3) Stop Worrying And Start Teaching Our Adoptive Children

"We need to teach our kids their birth story (something we’ve always done in our household). We need to teach them that it’s okay to be sad about it sometimes and that it is also okay to have questions and to want to know their birth family. We need to let them know that they never have to worry about talking to us about their feelings. It is so important that they know they can talk to us openly about their emotions relating to their adoptions without judgment or hurt feelings."

4) Is A College Degree Still Worth It? 

"I'm an educator. I believe in the power of education to teach people to think critically, to open their minds to new ideas, and to prepare for the workforce. Education stimulates you to ask questions and evaluate concepts. It helps you make connections. It exposes you to fantastic resources and greater opportunities. Our economy today isn't based on manufacturing like it used to be—it's now based on knowledge and information. College is a foot in that knowledge economy door. So I think college is valuable…but I don't think it's worth going into extreme debt in order to pay for it. Especially for some majors. (I'm not sure a $100,000 degree in French Literature is going to pay off.)"

Personally, this is something we will definitely have an open discussion about with K when as she grows up.

Nate and I  both attended private colleges for our bachelors degrees. Luckily my Nate has a career in his area of study. I have had 0 jobs in my area of study since graduating (and not for lack of trying), and now I'm a stay at home mom with no income (which I wouldn't trade for the World!). It's extremely frustrating though, considering that 50% of our debt is student loan debt. 10% is a car payment and the other 40% is our mortgage. I have a federal loan that will not be paid off until after my daughter starts college. How absurd is that?

I'm fairly certain that we will encourage K to pursue education after high school, but we will try to teach her the things that I wish someone would have taught me. 1) Really think about where you want your life to go before starting college. Don't start taking classes and "figure it out later." 2) What do student loans mean in the long run? What will your payments look like after graduation? Will you be able to afford that? How long will you be making payments for? Are they worth it? 3) Is there a trade school or accelerated program that will help you get the career you want more quickly and with more hands on experience?


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