Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Web Browsing Wednesday

I found some really great articles around the Web this week.  Here are my favorites!

1) It's Their Day, Too.

"I did not check off many to-do boxes today, but my little ones did: learn, play, eat, sleep, read, and repeat. And I helped them do those things. If I measure each day by my list, they are not always very good, but when I look at each day like it is their day too, because it IS their day, too, well, then most days are better. A lot better."

2) 10 Things No One Ever Told Me About Having A Daughter

"The casual reader will likely hear in these only the saccharine. But those of us with daughters will also hear what is terrifying, vulnerable, disorienting... and sacred."

3) Me Too

"There's just something awesome about being adored by your kids.  They think that you make magic just by existing.  So I worked really hard at trying not to show the ugly parts of myself to my kids.  Even while battling postpartum and post adoption depression I tried relentlessly to make sure that my kids saw a happy mom who had her crap together.  I thought that's what they needed.  But one of my kids needed me more than she needed the facade."

4) For Moms Who Can't Lock Themselves In The Bathroom

"We all live in the real world though, and despite our best efforts there will be days when everything that can happen, will. I hate that dry and weary feeling. It’s the feeling that I’m lost in the middle of the wilderness with my babies and we need something more, something to bring more clarity and joy to our day."

5) Defending The Decision To Place

"Finally, the decision is made to carry this child and then to place this child with a loving and able family. Who would have thought having to explain your decision a thousand times would come next. At times, having to defend yourself and the choice you made for YOU and YOUR CHILD feels like a headache and heartbreak."

 6) Under A Microscope As A Transracial Adoptive Family

"I don’t let situations like these bother me. We are a family, we love each other and are proud to be a family."



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  2. I love that you posted the piece on your article. As an adoptive mother, sometimes I think many people get the wrong idea about why someone would place a child for adoption. I enjoyed the article. Thank you for sharing. It helped me as we are working to grow our family through adoption again.