Fundraising Ideas

Here you will find links to the fundraisers we are currently participating in.  We've also provided links for other adoption fundraisers, in which we are not participating.  We wanted to make this a resource for others researching ways to reach their adoption goals.

Our Current Fundraisers

* AdoptTogether - Tax Free Donations

It recently came to our attention that some of you would prefer to simply donate to our adoption fund, rather than participate in one of the below fundraisers.  We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support! is a non-profit funding platform helping families raise money to pay for adoption costs.  The above link will take you to our AdoptTogether profile where you can make a tax free donation of any amount.

The above link is an Amazon account from which a portion of your sale will automatically go toward our adoption fund. This is the perfect way for you to get items you need and contribute to a great cause! Everything looks completely the same to you and it's anonymous, but it's an easy way to help us grow our adoption savings.  We appreciate anything you can do. **Make sure to start with an EMPTY cart!**

We joined CoupAide in an effort to continue to grow our adoption fund, and offer our friends and family a great deal! By donating $20 you'll receive a $50 gift card, and half of each sale will go to our fund. So, if you're planning on taking your sweetie out for a nice Valentine's Day dinner you can save a few dollars and help out a great cause! These make great gifts or prizes for other events, too!  Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to pass this on to others.  Make sure to check for restaurants in your area before purchasing!

Thank you so much for all of your support!!

Other Fundraising Ideas:

* Adoption Bug

Families in the process of adopting and organizations involved in adoption, foster care or orphan care can sell tshirts through Adoption Bug to raise money.

* Amazon Associates Account 

Earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.  Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

* Just Love Coffee

When Just Love Coffee Founder Rob Webb and his wife, Emily, were going through the adoption process, they found that many adopting families were frustrated by the lack of a good fundraising model. The Just Love Coffee Roasters fundraising program was born as a result. Our program is unique in that we don’t require you to purchase anything. What you do need to do is tell others about it.

* Premier Designs, Thirty-One Gifts and/or Scentsy Benefit 

These are just a few ideas, but often times your local consultant is happy to hold a party in your honor!  Just ask them about donating all or a portion of the proceeds to your adoption fund.

*Puzzle Piece Fundraiser

Sell (or ask for donations for) pieces to a puzzle and write (or have them) each participants name on the back of each puzzle piece.  Once all the pieces have been purchased, assemble the puzzle and frame it with the back facing out.  Your child will always know all the people who helped him or her come home!

* Dine to Donate at Local Restaurants

I've seen signs at restaurants like Bob Evans and Chick Filet advertising dining events to benefit various causes.  Check with your local restaurants about hosting an event to benefit your adoption fund!

* Garage sale, bake sale, cake-pop sale and/or any items you're able to make and sell


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