About Us

We are Nate and Katie.  We are two loving, nurturing, kindhearted and intelligent people who have been happily married for five years, and love living life in Ohio.  We are very excited to have started our family via open adoption!

We decided that we were ready to start a family in the Summer of 2011.  After a little more than a year of trying to conceive with no success, we visited our doctor and found out that we will be unable to have a child without the most aggressive form of fertility treatment.  We had already discussed this and made the decision not to pursue treatment.  After lots of prayer and research, we were introduced to the adoption community and we haven’t looked back since - we quickly completed all of the preliminary paperwork and training to adopt a newborn from the US (home study approved January, 2013), created a look book and drafted heartfelt letters to potential birth families, started this blog to document our journey and submitted an online profile for our agency to post to their website.  Feel free to visit our timeline to see all of the steps we took.

In August, 2013 we finally received the phone call we were waiting for... An expectant mother, "J" had viewed our profile and wanted to meet us!  A few days after that call we met with J and her birth parent counselor and were officially matched less than two hours later!  

During our match period, we were so blessed to be invited to attend all doctor and ultrasound appointments.  These visits, as well as regular texting really allowed us to connect with and get to know J.

After what seems like forever, baby "K" arrived on January 12!  Nate and I are absolutely smitten as we're (still) learning how to function as a family of three! You can read more about K's birth story here, and the finalization of her adoption here.

A little bit more about us...

Nate is one of four children.  He has an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister.  Growing up Nate was taught that he could accomplish anything with hard work and commitment – something he hopes to pass along to a child one day.  In high school Nate balanced schoolwork with football, baseball and a part time job bagging groceries.  He knew the importance of performing well academically, and enjoyed being part of a team.  Nate graduated with high grades and went on to college to focus on getting ready for his career as a design engineer.  Nate now works a regular schedule at a company about ten minutes from home.  He supervises a group who designs parts for coal mining equipment and other “extreme machines,” and is home each day by 5:00 pm. 

Katie was born and raised in Michigan, where her family still lives.  She has one younger sister.  Growing up Katie was taught to be friendly and treat others with compassion, regardless of differing backgrounds – something she hopes to pass along to a child one day.  Throughout high school and college, Katie focused on keeping her grades high while working part time and participating in many activities – including band, softball and cheerleading.  She knew that doing well in school, and having a wide range of experiences would help her accomplish her goals.  Katie was working full time as an administrative assistant for a large corporation, but is thrilled to be a stay at home mom now that K is here! 

We hope to fill our baby girl's life with a good balance of laughter and fun and security and stability, as well as a great education, strong faith and diverse experiences.  We understand that we have many challenges ahead, but hope to become wonderful parents with an extended support system from our families.

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  1. We are hoping for the same, as we embark on the adoption process! Thanks for the book ideas! I hope that the adoption process is an exciting one, in which you experience God working miracles, (for adoption is a small view of what He has done for us, his children)