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Since the beginning of our journey to adoption we've been researching.  Researching policies and processes, researching agencies an resources, and researching communities to join for support.  Below are some of our favorites so far.

Adoption Blogs
Adoption Love - 
Bringing Home Baby Franz -
Bumber's Bumblings -
Chronicles of an Adoption -
Discovering Joy in the Storm -
DogMomChasingTheStork -
Expecting Miracles -
Fearlessly Infertile -
Grafting our Family Tree -
I am not the Babysitter -
In Perpetual Pursuit -
I'll be Loving You -
Inconceivable -

Little Yellow Room -
Make It Count -
Millions of Miles -
Neither Rhyme Nor Reason -

Nick & Steph's Adoption Journey -
Out Adoption Journey... & Life With Kate! -
Rage Against the Minivan -
SlowMama -
The Long Family Blog -
The M House -
The R House -
Unexpected Dreams -
We Love St. Patrick's Day -
White Sugar, Brown Sugar -

Adoption Websites
Caring for Kids, Inc. -
Blog Resource Websites
A Mommy's Blog Design -
BlogHer -
FotoFlexer -
Fotor -
Open Adoption Bloggers -
Shabby Blogs - 
Sweetie Baby's Designs - 

For Birth Moms 
Blessings in a Basket -
BraveLove -
List of Gift Ideas -

Kid Hair and Skin Care
Blended Beauty -
Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care -
It's a Curl -
Just for Me -

Kid Nutrition
The Sneaky Chef - 

Kid Sleep Habits 
Sleepy Planet -

Non-Adoption Blogs

Among Other Things -
And The Little Ones Too -
Maybe If You Just Relax -
Organizing Life with Littles -
The Better Mom -
The Good Life Blog -
The Nest Effect -
The Small Things Blog -

Websites for Fun

Branch Basics -
My Brown Baby -
Or so She Says -
The Bump (Adoption Message Board and Community) -
Veritey -
What the Flicka? By: Felicity Huffman -

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  1. I love all the resources your blog provides. Thank you for sharing!